PRE, the European Refractories Producers Federation, is the representative organisation of the European refractory industry, located in Brussels. It was founded in 1953 and offers a European platform on which its members can exchange views and experiences in the common interest.


PRE has no commercial aim. In the scope of EU legislation and standardisation, the mission of the PRE is to promote the interests of European Refractory Producers. The activities of the federation are aimed at achieving these purposes through working with the European institutions (European Commission, European Parliament and the Council), and a wide range of stakeholders such as the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the confederation of European Business (BusinessEurope), and other EU associations such as Eurofer (steel industry), CEMBUREAU (cement industry), CEFIC (chemical industry), IMA-Europe (industrial minerals), Euromines (European mining industry) etc. PRE unites the National Associations representing 17 European countries:


  • FAchverband der Stein- und Keramischen Industrie - Austria
    Verband der Deutschen Feuerfest-Industrie e.V. (VDFFI) - Germany
  • Syndicat National des Industries Francaises de Produits Refractaires (SNIFPR) - France
  • Confindustria Ceramica - Italy
  • Asociacion Nacional de Fabricantes de REfractarios (ANFRE) - Spain & Portugal
  • Association of the Czech and Slovak refractories producers (AČSVŽ) - Czech & Slovak Republics
  • British Ceramic Confederation (BCC) - United Kingdom
  • Stowarzyszenie Producentow Materialow Ogniotrwalych (SPMO) - Poland
  • Türkiye Seramik Federasyonu (SEREF) - Turkey
  • PRE Nordic group - Sweden, Finland, Danmark & Norway
  • Slovenian Refractory Producers association (POS) - Slovenia
  • Mathios Refractories S.A. - Greece

PRE is a member of Cerame-Unie AISBL, representing the European ceramics industry. The PRE does not have a legal personality, is therefore registered by Cordis under its umbrella organisation: Cerame-Unie


Cerame-Unie, the European Ceramic Industry Association, is an international non-profit association (AISBL) representing ceramic sectors towards the EU institutions.  Its mission is to promote the ceramic industry at EU level by contributing in a constructive and reliable way to policy debates that are relevant to the industry.


Cerame-Unie was founded in 1962 as an “association de fait” based in Brussels. It was registered as International Non-Profit Association (AISBL) in 2010. It is an umbrella organisation representing the European ceramic industry structured in eight ceramic sectors (Abrasives, Brick and roof, tiles, Clay pipes, Refractory products, Sanitaryware, Tableware, Technical ceramics and Wall and floor tiles).

This research has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme
This research has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme

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